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Branch County Men Of Integrity is a group of men committed to spreading the Gospel and bringing accountability to their Christian brothers in Branch County, Michigan. The vehicle to achieve their goals is an annual event called the Steak Out. The Steak Out was the brainchild of Pastor Nelson Brandymore and a core group of Promise Keepers of the Coldwater Free Methodist Church, who in 1997, were looking for a way to re-charge the church's men between major PK conferences. They brought together a great meal (steaks, cooked outdoors in the dead of the Michigan winter), dynamic speakers, song and prayer to keep the fire burning until the next big event. The Steak Out was an immediate success with hundreds of men praising God and being held accountable. After a couple years, Pastor Brandymore passed the leadership duties for the Steak Out to a committee of men from several Branch County churches. This group came to be known as Branch County Men Of Integrity. These men continue to endeavor to maintain the excitement of the first Steak Out and have additionally tried to fulfill Promise Six striving to "reach beyond racial and denominational barriers to demonstrate the power of biblical unity".

Branch County Men of Integrity will endeavor to bring to the men of our county, who share a saving faith in Jesus Christ, yearly events at which they may share in worship, song, and challenging speakers.

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